Well put. I’ve always been very liberal and my politics have reflected that. However, for most of my life I genuinely (maybe naively) believed that we were all essentially on the same side, that we all, democrats and republicans, wanted the best for our country and its people, even if we disagreed on the best way to reach that goal. It was the how, not the what, that differed for the most part, but all sides had something of value to offer to the discussion. Now there’s no longer a discussion and one party seems bent on destroying the very conversation, and the constitution to along the way.

I see a likely future where the democrats split into moderate and progressive wings and we either end up with three actually viable parties, or the republican party destroys itself and the more moderate wing of the democratic party moves further right, filling the void for true conservatives. Maybe that’s just as naive as my previous belief, but it’s nice to dream.

Follow along on my quest to make diet culture another millennial casualty. Find me on Insta @life_after_diets

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